Capital City

A PPC Case Study

Capital City began in 2006. Since then, the company has developed over 40 projects all around Washington, DC. These projects include the transformation of unique properties like commercial buildings, boutique condos, and historical estates into new walkable urban communities.

One of Capital City’s main services includes acquisition at which point the company considers multiple scenarios to maximize the value of a property for everyone involved in the deal. They tie this in with their sales and marketing where they set the design solutions including product size, type, and mix necessary to make the project both livable and highly marketable.

On the development side, Capital City values transparency and collaboration to deliver high-quality projects. The team and all stakeholders are involved from beginning to end which is enabled, through our efficient processes, to ensure the satisfaction of everyone involved. With construction, Capital City prioritizes budgeting and ensures that the initial budget is carried throughout the construction. In addition to that, the company keeps an eye out for new and innovative construction materials and practices to meet or exceed the expectations of all stakeholders involved in the project.Lastly, Capital City offers a wide variety of investment opportunities. Through its collaborative strategy, the company has made a long track record of creating fruitful returns for its investors.

We officially started running our PPC service in September 2019 and continue optimizing Capital City to the present date.

The Challenges

The Solutions


In August 2019, the client had produced 681 clicks that were coming from his maximize conversion campaign with Google ads. When we brought the campaigns over to manual bidding, we produced 698 clicks in our first month (September), with our clicks gradually increasing to just over 1000 in January 2020.

Click Through Rate

Our CTRs went from 1.02% to 7.40% over the course of 6 months, which reflects a 625% increase in this time! The creation of relevant ad copies, the addition of ad extensions, plus the addition of a super relevant landing page has helped our CTRs go up.

Cost Per Conversion

Our cost per lead has decreased from an average of $167.25 per lead to just $34.48 per lead. That's a decrease of over 79%! We continue to lower this figure month after month. Who doesn't love cheaper leads?

Conversion Rate

When we first started this campaign, the conversion rate was at 1.32%; today, it's at 7.40%! That represents a 460% increase in conversion rate over the course of 6 months.


When the customer first approached us, they had produced a total of 9 leads for the month of August 2019. Flip to January 2020, and we produced 87 leads for the month. This is an increase of 866% in new leads, in just 6 months!

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