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Pacific West Roofing

A PPC Case Study

Pacific West Roofing has been providing roofing services in Portland since 1980. The company started out with residential shake roof installations. Then, in the 90s, the company moved on to more affordable roofing products that cater to both residential and commercial establishments. Along the way, Pacific West Roofing also developed a special reroofing formula where they tear off existing roofs, resheet it with plywood, and install multiple types of composition roofing materials.
For over three decades, Pacific West Roofing has been providing roofing services from the simplest to the most complicated needs. Two of their services include the usual commercial and residential roof repair and maintenance. The company can repair any roof whether it’s metal or shingles. They can also accurately assess the condition of tile roofs and make the necessary repairs. In terms of maintenance, Pacific West Roofing takes care of all the little snags that might cause common issues like leaks. The company also offers roof cleanings and moss treatments to ensure that the the roofs are protected against the different weather patterns in Portland.

In addition to that, Pacific West Roofing also offers different types of residential roof installations. The company provides metal roofing which can last two to four times more than traditional roofs. And they also provide asphalt roofing systems that can accommodate various building styles and have a long life expectancy. Lastly, Pacific West Roofing provides commercial and residential silicone roof coating which helps prolong the life of the roof and increases its durability.

The Challenges

The Solutions


However, the clicks were getting now are much more valuable. Because we've been able to increase our conversion rate to 16.79% our clicks are 266% more valuable today.

Click Through Rate

The average CTR during our first month of the campaign was 1.64%. Just two months later, we got it up to 2.70%. We included add extensions on his campaign, which lifted our click-through rates, plus we paused ineffective while creating new ones to replace them with. To put this into perspective, that's a 64% increase in click-through rate!

Cost Per Conversion

When we started his campaign in November, the cost per lead was $266.67, expensive, but still profitable. Fast track to January 2020, and our cost per lead is now only $113.64! We've had a 57.38% DECREASE in the cost of leads.

Conversion Rate

This was one of the biggest game-changers; our conversion rates went from a pretty decent 5% to an unbelievable 16.79% in the first three months.

The first month we advertised using the clients' website. But for the second and third month, we used a new landing page. The new landing page did a much better job converting traffic so much so that we were converting at a much higher rat


Drumroll, please! So far, we produced a total of 39 super hot roofing leads for our client, and we've had a 266% increase in the number of leads since the start of the campaign. And from what we understand, our client is closing one in every four of these leads!

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