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Did you know most digital agencies never expand their services because they can't afford the cost of hiring in-house developers? It's true. Most digital agencies either specialize in one type of service or transition out of the industry.

‍Here's your problem: Imagine you wanted to sell more services to your clients because different marketing skills benefit each other. To do so, you would have to hire more developers, marketers, and project managers, which will cause you to take on debt even before you start selling, which means you'll find yourself in a sink or swim situation.

‍Lucky for you, there's now a solution. Let me introduce you to Murphy Consulting's on-demand project fulfillment for digital agencies.
I'm Brian Murphy, and I help digital agencies fulfill web development and digital marketing projects. But don't just take my word for it. Take a look at this.
“Brian and the team are very talented designers and programmers.
They have a great system to communicate and respond. Always happy to work with them.

Ruth McCartney

Founder, McCartney
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  4. White Label Services
  5. Wholesales Rates
  6. Branded Reseller Site
  7. Branded Onboarding Docs
  8. Branded Sales Crm
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Not only do we guarantee this offer unconditionally for 30 days, but if it doesn’t save you time on project fulfillment, if doesn’t save you money on project fulfillment, if it doesn’t improve the quality of your life, we don’t want your money. We’ll refund your subscription. No questions asked. No hard feelings.
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Our White Label Services

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  1. You’re going to get On-Demand Project Fulfillment
  2. You’re going to get The Agency Fulfillment Center (CRM)
  3. You’re going to get Wholesale Rates for Services
  4. You’re going to get White Label Services
  5. You’re going to get Support (Ticket and Chat)
  6. You’re going to get Video Onboarding
AND If you want the Retainer plan 100% of the Retainer fee gets converted into  consumable store credit every month (unused store credits rollover each month) ...PLUS:
  1. You're going to get Monthly Store Credits: $997
  2. You're going to get Zoom Chat Support
  3. You're going to get Personalized Onboarding
  4. You're going to get a Dedicated Project Manager
  5. You're going to get Sales Center CRM Account
  6. You're going to get a Branded Reseller Website
  7. You’re going to get a White Label Portfolio

P.S. This solution will end your frustrations and give you an easy way to fulfill work orders predictably so you can keep selling, which means you can keep growing your business. P.P.S. Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, in a week from now, will you have fixed your fulfillment problems for good? Probably not!

You'll still wish and want to fix it, but you'll lose time and stress over it. Face it. Most of what you need is a knowledgeable team you can rely on. Get this free trial now and start a project as early as today! Wouldn't you like to be making money and bragging about your fulfillment team within a week?

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