New Jersey Airflow

A Facebook Ads Case Study

New Jersey Airflow is one of Newark’s best and trusted air conditioning and heating contractors owned by Nicholas Costeira. It’s proudly an A+ BBB Rated service provider as well. It started from the ground up, from a humble set-up of toolboxes at the back of a car to a fully-functioning company that services Newark with expert air conditioning and heating installations, repair, and tuneups.

New Jersey Airflow offers a full range of HVAC and home utility services such as HVAC-R, plumbing, electrical, sheet metal fabrication, tankless boiler, and standing boilers. Every service is done with efficiency and optimum quality in mind. Costeira started working for a local company before starting New Jersey Airflow, and used his experience gathered from his previous job to make his craft better. Off-duty, Costeira would entertain personal service calls and work tireless days making sure a home’s HVAC system is working spic and span. Costeira rarely had weekends or summers off.

As New Jersey Airflow went through growing pains, one thing worked for them exponentially—the undeniable drawing power of word-of-mouth advertising. The company’s exceptional service began spreading throughout Newark like wildfire. But for any business that’s built from scratch, eventually Costeira wanted to up his game. And since most of his clients are on social media too, New Jersey Airflow wanted to bring the word-of-mouth marketing online via Facebook Ads.

That’s where we come in to do the work.

The Challenges

The Solutions


This graph shows the monthly clicks from November 2019 through January 2020. By testing different interests (stacked, narrowed and Lookalikes) ads refinement and placement adjustments we were able to increase clicks by 99.76% WITHOUT having to increase the client’s ad spend.

Click Through Rate

We dramatically increased the ad click-through-rate (CTR) by 55.67% in just 3 months. When we ran this campaign we made dozens of different ad variations to help single out “winning” ads based on average CTR for each ad and number of conversions it produced. We a/b tested ad variants heavily the first 30 days while the second and third month was dedicated to refining our “winning ads”.

Cost Per Conversion

Our cost per conversion went from $70.58 to $27.90, which is a 60% reduction in the cost per lead (without having to increase our ad spend), so we saved the client tons of money! Being able to identify his target market early on, we were able to find a series of winning ads early on as well. By refining our ad creative and creating a dedicated landing page to collect lead data we were able to provide some really big improvements.

Conversion Rate

Increasing the number of clicks is just one part of this campaign’s success. We were able to increase the initial conversion rate of 1.31% in November to 3.16% in December and 1.84% in January. The company’s biggest time of year is in December so naturally we would see an increase in conversion rate there. We A/B tested out campaign by sending 50% of our traffic to the clients website and the other 50% to a dedicated landing page. Our landing page converted at a better rate so we left it as the permanent landing page for the duration of the campaign which gave us a better cost per lead.


Conversions, conversions, conversions! That’s why we run marketing campaigns for clients. To get conversions. We generated a total of 85 new leads for the client during our 3 months campaign. We started with 17 conversions in November, 25 conversions in December and 43 conversions in January with the same exact ad spend, that’s an increase of 153% in conversions, in just 3 months.

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