How Pacific Family Dentistry Reaped The Benefits Of A Powerful Ppc Campaign

Seattle's Family Dentistry

A PPC Case Study

Seattle’s Family Dentistry has been in the industry for over a decade. Since starting, Dr. Ajwant Goraya ensures she knows of the latest procedures and techniques. And she ensures that the clinic has the latest technology to provide for her client’s needs.

Firstly, the clinic offers preventive care. This includes teeth cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and tooth, and gum checks to check for any problems before they arise. The clinic also uses digital x-rays to detect internal tooth decay, cysts, tumors, impacted teeth, and teeth that are still coming in. In addition to that, Seattle’s Family Dentistry also offers restoration and cosmetic dentistry. Some services Dr. Goraya provides in this field are dental implants, crown replacement, restorative work, teeth whitening, rough edge smoothing and more. Lastly, the clinic provides emergency dentist and root canals.

For all their services, Seattle’s Family Dentistry uses the latest technology. They use digital x-ray over traditional x-rays to reduce the radiation that the patient is exposed to. It’s used along with a large on-screen display to allow the patients and the doctor to see the image of the teeth on high resolution and for easier detection of problems. The clinic also uses an intraoral camera to get a clear view of problems like decay between the teeth. And lastly, the clinic uses Ultrasonic Scalers for its cleaning services.

The Challenges

The Solutions


We've been able to keep the number of clicks the client receives pretty consistent throughout the campaign. We've also been able to DECREASE the cost-per-click CPC by 19% since we've started the campaign. This means we have been really cost efficient with Ad budget.

Click Through Rate

When we started in October 2019, or CTR 2.97%, by January 2020, our CTR was 5.46%. That's an 86% increase in engagement! Throughout the optimization of this campaign, we have included ad extensions, enhanced ad copy, and implemented "audience" bids. This allowed the client to gain better traffic overall, which shows in our CTR engagement.

Cost Per Conversion

We've had a total of a 34% DECREASE in the total cost per lead. In the beginning, our cost per lead was $125. By the end of January 2020, our cost per lead was only $81.48. Our goal is to decrease to about $60 per lead in the next few months. Because the lifetime value (LTV) for dental patients is very high, paying a higher price per lead is not terrible, but paying a lower price is always better.

Conversion Rate

We've had a whopping 236% increase in the clients' conversion rate in the past 4 months! This is how the client went from getting 8 leads a month to getting over 27 leads per month. Small percentages make a huge difference when you're talking conversion rates.


We've had a 237% increase in conversions for the client since starting this campaign. So far, we've generated a total of 72 high quality implant patient leads in just 4 months. With the number of leads consistently increasing month after month.

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