Competitor Analysis & Strategy Development

Do you need to understand your marketing a little better? Perhaps, what your competitors are doing and what you can do to improve your bottom line? Get a professionally hand-crafted Competitor Analysis that will uncover hidden marketing gems you can start tapping into NOW to make more money.


  • Complete Website Audit & Positioning Analysis
  • Competitor Keyword and Positioning Analysis
  • We Outline All SEO Related Issues
  • SEO Recommendations
  • Custom Strategy for Your Business
  • Custom Report

Pinpoint the exact strategies your competitors are using and we'll develop a superior marketing strategy for your business


The competitor analysis and strategy development is an excellent package if your client is looking to develop a superior marketing strategy built by a professional marketer. This competitor analysis also outlines your website's organic growth, analysis of paid traffic, analysis of social media, keyword research and comes with an organized list of recommendations to follow. 

Who Is This Package For?

  • Any agency owner that requires a thorough custom strategy document built specifically for their client. 
  • Any agency owner that provides clients with paid strategy consultation.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is this document?  

- Typically our strategy development documents are anywhere from 5-10 pages. 
- The document is branded with your agency's branding, so it is 100% white-labeled.

What type of document is this? 

We provide you with an online link that is entirely white-labeled. This document can be shared directly with your client OR you can download a PDF from the same link.  

How long is the setup time?

5 business days.

How are the keywords provided to me? 

Keywords are provided to you in a shareable Airtable link. From there, you can export as a CSV or Excel file. 

What if I have a problem with the keywords you sent me? 

We base our keyword research on the onboarding document you submit to our team. However, if you require changes, please let us know about them via support ticket, and we'll accommodate any changes you have. 

What type of software do you use for Keyword research?

Our keyword research comes from the Google keyword planner, Google suggestions, Competitor research, and other tools that come bundled with SEO Powersuite Enterprise.  

What does your approval process look like?

After you pay for this service and complete the onboarding document, your project manager will confirm receipt of your request through a support ticket. Updates will be provided to you via support ticket 3 days later when we provide you with the Airtable link. 

How do I get revisions?

Simply communicate your revisions to your project manager by sending us a support ticket or by scheduling a call.  All support hours will be deducted from your monthly support hours. 

What does your onboarding document look like?

- Click here to access the onboarding document for this service.
- Only submit this document after the package is ordered.