E-commerce (Shopify)

Our Shopify E-commerce Package is for intended for clients that want to manage product sales through Shopify and they're also looking to make their brand stand out. This package is ideal for customers that want a hassle free, shopping experience and easy marketing built-in. All hosting, website and client information is managed directly on Shopify.


Example: 7-page website (home, about, gallery, shop, individual products, blog, contact)

  • 1 Home Page Design (3 rounds of revisions)
  • Shopify Theme Installation & Customization
  • Mobile Responsive
  • PayPal, Stripe or Shopify Payments Integration
  • Content Integration and Styling (7 pages)
  • Product Entry (Inclusion of 20 Products)
  • Social Media (Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed)
  • Photo Sourcing (Max of 7 Stock Photos)
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • 2 Rounds of Revisions
  • Plus $50 per Website Page
  • Up to 7 pages
  • Client is responsible for purchasing the Theme and providing the license.

Sell More Products When You Look Like a Million Dollar Brand

Liezel Stephanie

Our Shopify Package is a deal for any business selling products online and has the desire to look like a big brand. All of our custom packages are created literally from the ground up.  Our designer starts by creating a homepage design based on your industry and the specific requirements you provide to us during the onboarding process.

This package is best for businesses that know exactly who their target market is, and they also want the simplicity of managing their store through the Shopify network.

Who Is This Package For?

  • Business owners that are looking for a 100% personalized online shopping experience for their users. 
  • Business owners that are looking for improved branding.
  • Business owners that need an SEO-friendly website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this website work for any industry?

Yes, this website package is great for ANY industry type. Every business that I can think of needs to showcase their story, product or service, and need a way for users to interact and contact them for more information. The basic requirement of any good website is to increase the chances of contact. Our websites provide this and are always expandable.

Do I get unlimited pages with this website build?

Yes, you can have unlimited pages. This particular package comes with 7 pages designed out by our team. If you have additional pages that you would like our team to set up, please submit an estimate so we can get you full details on pricing.

Do I supply content for this website build?

Yes, you supply the content. Ideally, any new content you have for this project will be provided by your client to you. However, we all know this is hard to do at times. We have affordable content writing services available if you need us to create the content. If the client has an existing website, and this is a redesign, we will use the client's existing content on the new website, but it will look totally revamped, and it will fit nicely in the theme.

Can you customize the checkout page?

No. Shopify locked the checkout page, so it's something that cannot be edited unless you are on the Shopify Plus plan ($2,000+/mo). 

Does this package include data-entry?

Yes, this package includes data entry for up to 20 products. If you would like us to add more product inventory, please specify this information when you request a custom estimate.

After the website is built, you also have the ability to add as many products as you'd like at any time by logging into the website backend with your username and password. 

What payment gateways does Shopify support? 

Please check the available list of Shopify supported payment gateways before ordering this package. We will not be responsible if your payment gateway is not support by Shopify. 

Does this website come with SEO?

Yes and No. We make sure to install a premium SEO plugin for you. This will make it easier for you to optimize your website for better marketing. Your website is also submitted to Google, Yahoo and Bing. In some cases, we also submit to Yandex and Baidu. However, If you are looking to provide an SEO campaign for your client, we have a separate package for that.

Is hosting included in this package?

No. You are hosting your website with Shopify. Shopify charges you a monthly fee for your website; part of this fee takes care of your hosting.

Do you provide a tutorial on how to use the site?

We provide basic video tutorials only. If you require assistance on a particular feature, we have no problem getting you some instructions on that. However, it is your responsibility to understand how Shopify functions as this is your main e-commerce platform.  

What does your onboarding document look like?

- Click here to access the onboarding document to this service.
- Only submit this document after the package is ordered.