Explainer Video Pro

Help sell your product or service through a professionally edited explainer video. Perfect for websites and landing pages.


  • 60 Seconds
  • Licensed Images
  • Licensed Videos
  • Licensed Audio
  • You Provide Script (180 words)
  • Animated Logo
  • Video Length 60 Seconds
  • 3 Rounds of Revisions
  • +$200 for every 30 seconds

Explainer videos that help sell your product with zero friction


Explainer videos are a great way to explain your product in great detail to increase product sales without the need for actors or your client getting too heavily involved. We come up with the script, animations, and voiceover.  

Who Is This Package For?

  • Any business that is selling a product or service on their website. 
  • Any business looking for a high-quality video for their website or landing page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the setup time?

15 days.

What type of access do you need from my client?

We don't require access from your client for this job.  Once the video is complete, we will send you the file via support ticket. 

Do you provide 100% of the media for the explainer video?

- Yes, we provide licensed images, animations, script, and voiceover. 
- If your client wants certain images or animations added to the explainer video before we edit, please send us the media via a support ticket so it can be included. 

How are the voiceovers done?

When we provide you the script for your approval, the Airtable link we provide you also comes with voiceover several voiceover actors to choose from. Once you've identified the voice actor you would like to use, let your project manager know, and we will contract that actor for your script. 

Can I make changes to a script that has already been approved?

Yes, but you are subject to additional charges to get the script revised, and the voice actor will need to re-record the script.  

How do I get revisions?

Simply communicate your revisions to your project manager by sending us a support ticket outlining the changes you need. Revisions should be given prior to your approval on the final script. 

What does your onboarding document look like?

- Click here to access the onboarding document for this service.
- Only submit this document after the package is ordered.