Our Starter Package is perfect for small informational websites. Ideal for simple services website consisting of 5-10 pages. Comes with SEO tools built-in, Wordpress blog, social sharing and contact forms. Built on a Premium Wordpress Theme.


Example: 5-page website (home, about, services, blog, contact)

  • WordPress Template (Choose between 2-3 templates)
  • Customization of Theme (Logo, Color Scheme, Images, Video & Text)
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Content Integration and Styling (5 pages)
  • Social Media (Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed)
  • Photo Sourcing (Max of 7 Stock Photos)
  • Google Maps
  • 1 Contact Form (Gravity Forms)
  • Site Speed Optimization2 Rounds of Revisions
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Plus $50 per Additional Website Page

Inexpensive High-Quality Informational Website For Any Industry


Our Starter Package is ideal for literally any informational website consisting of 5 basic pages (e.g., home, about, services, blog, contact).  This can be for any industry.  Our designers create all the assets to fit perfectly in the premium WordPress theme you've selected.

Who Is This Package For?

  • People who are looking for a better-converting website without breaking the bank.
  • Client's that need a new "look" or rebranding.
  • Client's that need an SEO-friendly WordPress website.
  • Best for businesses requiring the lead to call in or submit a form prior to attending to their needs.
  • Agency's looking for an expandable system. Something you can continuously improve or "build up" with WordPress features and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this website work for any industry?

Yes, this website package is great for ANY industry type. Every business that I can think of needs to showcase their story, product or service, and need a way for users to interact and contact them for more information. The basic requirement of any good website is to increase the chances of contact. Our websites provide this, and are always expandable.

Do I get unlimited pages with this website build?

Yes, you can have unlimited pages. This particular package comes with 5 pages designed out by our team. WordPress allows you to create as many pages as you would like. However, our team is responsible for setting up 5 main pages during the development. If you have additional pages that you would like our team to set up, please chat with us live.

Do I supply content for this website build?

Yes, you supply the content. Ideally, any new content you have for this project will be provided by your client to you.  However, we all know this is hard to do at times. We have affordable content writing services available if you need us to create the content.  If the client has an existing website, and this is a redesign, we will use the client's existing content on the new website, but it will look totally revamped, and it will fit nicely in the theme.

Does this website come with SEO?

Yes and No. We make sure to install a WordPress SEO plugin for you; sometimes, that is Yoast; other times, it can be All-In-One SEO.  Both are great options, and both come with upgraded licensing available for you to extend the features.  If you are looking to provide an SEO campaign, we have a seperate package for that.

Is hosting included in this package?

No, hosting is not included in this website build. We do have to host options available so your agency can easily resell hosting. Or we will transfer the website from our test server to whatever live hosting account you provide. Website migration included!

What does your onboarding document look like?

- Click here to access the onboarding document to this service.
- Only submit this document after the package is ordered.